Stationary Belt-Disc Sander
TC-US 400

  • Belt and disk grinding/sanding function
  • Swiveling belt grinding/sanding device with workpiece stop
  • Easy grinding/sanding belt change thanks to tensioning device
  • Grinding/sanding belt centering recess
  • Disk grinder/sander with hook and loop fastening system
  • Versatile aluminium table, can be swiveled
  • Tiltable Aluminium table with an easy-to-read angle scale
  • Cross stop can be swiveled from -60° to +60°
  • Sturdy and distortion-free design
  • 4 rubber feet for standing securely and with low vibrations
  • Connection for dust extraction system to keep the workplace clean
  • Complete with belt and disk paper (P80)
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Further Information to TC-US 400 (Art. 4419255)


The TC-US 400 upright belt and disk grinder/sander is a universal tool for belt and disk grinding/sanding. It achieves good results for a range of jobs, from grinding/sanding work in model making to the finishing of rough edges in cabinet making. Its sturdy, torsion-resistant design ensures stability and therefore precision results. The tool features a low-noise V-belt drive. The disk grinder/sander of the TC-US 400 uses grinding/sanding disks with hook and loop fastening, which can be changed quickly and easily. Its aluminium table can be tilted and pivoted, is versatile and is provided with an easy-to-read angle scale. In conjunction with the cross stop, which can be infinitely swiveled from -60° to +60°, it permits the precision setting and machining of various angles. The belt grinder/sander with workpiece stop can also be swiveled. It can be operated accordingly in both horizontal and vertical position, flexibly meeting numerous requirements. Changing the grinding/sanding belt is easy thanks to a quick clamping device. Four vibration-absorbing rubber feet prevent mechanical shocks and reduce noise generation. For clean- low-dust operation, both grinders/sanders have connections for a vacuum extractor. A grinding/sanding belt and disk grinding/sanding paper (P80) are supplied.

Technical Info
Mains supply 230 V | 50 Hz
Max. power (S2 | S2time) 375 W | 30 min
Idle speed 1450 min^-1
Diameter of grinding plate 150 mm
Diameter of grinding wheel 150 mm
Grain size of grinding wheel 80
Sanding belt 915 mm x 100 mm
Grain size of sanding belt 80
Table tiltable 0 - 45°
Swiveling range of cross fence [- 60°] to [+ 60°]
Logistic Info
Length 500 mm
Width 312 mm
Height 253 mm
Gross weight single packaging 12.9 kg
Product weight 10.7 kg
Product Documents


Identnumber 11014

Download Instructions for TC-US 400                    
Download Instructions for TC-US 400                
Download Instructions for TC-US 400                
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