Generador gasolina
BT-PG 850/3

  • Lightweight 2-stroke engine
  • Crank shaft mounted at two ends
  • Reversing starter
  • Synchronous generator
  • AVR function: Stable output power for electronically consumers
  • 1 x 230 V socket
  • Overload switch for appliance safety
  • Large 4.2 liter tank
  • Carry-handle for easy transport
  • Sturdy feet
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The BT-PG 850/3 petrol generator ensures that power is available for operating light sources or small electrical devices in remote places during a mains power failure. With its smooth-running, long-lasting two-stroke engine, synchronous generator and 230V socket outlet it is an ideal helper when camping and during garden parties. The automatic voltage control system (AVR) protects the connected equipment by providing a stable output voltage, quickly compensating load changes, and reducing undervoltages and overvoltages. Started by reversing start, the BT-PG 850/3 also supplies the necessary power peaks for the starting current of small inductive consumers. An overload switch protects the machine from permanent peak loads. Prolonged duty is no problem thanks to the reserves of a 4.2 liter tank and a crank shaft with bilateral bearings. The carry-handle makes it easy to transport the generator and place it squarely on the sturdy feet.

Informacion Tecnica
Tipo de generador Síncrono
Frecuencia 50 Hz
Potencia continua (S1) 230 V 650 W
Potencia máxima (S2 | S2time) a 230 V 720 W | 2 min
Corriente nominal 230 V 2.8 A
Cantidad 1 Pieces
Motor two-stroke, air cooled
Número de cilindros 1 Pieces
Cilindrada 63 cm³
Velocidad de trabajo (velocidad bajo carga) 3000 min^-1
Potencia 1.2 kW
Volumen 4.2 L
Tiempo de funcionamiento con una carga de 2/3 6 h
Informacion Logistica
Longitud 405 mm
Anchura 365 mm
Altura 350 mm
Peso bruto 18.15 kg
Peso producto 16.4 kg
Documentos del producto


Identnumber 11011

Download Instructions for BT-PG 850/3                    
Download Instructions for BT-PG 850/3                
Download Instructions for BT-PG 850/3                
Download Instructions for BT-PG 850/3                
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